AO4ELT7 - General description

One of the major challenges that faces the future extremely large aperture telescopes (ELTs) is adaptive optics, and the goal of this conference is to gather specialists to review and discuss the latest developments in this field.

The topics of the conference include ELT's current design in terms of AO systems, related instruments and science goals, and also pathfinder projects planned or implemented on existing telescopes, including solar telescopes, which provide relevant results for the next ELT's design phase.

Main Conference topics

  • ELT science with AO
    • astrometry
    • photometry
    • planet detection
    • system requirements and specifications for optimal scientific performance
  • Current designs of ELT AO system
    • integrated system approaches for ELT instrumentation with AO
    • modelling and numerical simulations 
    • current AO system for ELT: design and progress 
  • AO pathfinders and new concepts, 
    • lab experiments
    • field experiments
    • lessons learned from present AO instrument
  • Characterization of input disturbances
    • Measuring & monitoring atmospheric turbulence
    • Modelization & forecast of atmospheric turbulence
    • Telescope induced aberrations  (dome seeing, windshake, pupil fragmentation, etc.)
    • Charaterization Sodium Layer
  • Wavefront sensing
    • WFS for SCAO 
    • WFS for High Contrats 
    • WFS for LGS 
    • extend source WF (solar AO)
    • Vis and IR fast and low noise detectors 
    • laser guide star systems
  • AO Simulation, reconstruction and control
    • New simulation tools 
    • Real Time computer design
    • multi-stage AO
    • predictive approaches
    • non linear and IA-based approaches
    • calibration and operation processes (on-line and on sky optimisation) 
  • Wavefront corrector 
    • adaptive telescope 
    • post focal DM 
    • new generation of AO correctors 
  • Post-processing of AO data
    • spatial and spectral PSF reconstruction 
    • spatial and spectral image deconvolution
    • wide field post processing (anisplanatism post processing) 
    • source extraction 
    • HCI specificities (coronagraphic post processing) 
    • AO performance monitoring


Group Picture

Group Picture

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